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Dr. Daryn Nishikawa and Dr. Andre Burgess would like to welcome you as a patient at our Long Beach dental practice.

We have been trained as professionals and we put forth great effort to keep our patients at the highest level of satisfaction possible.

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Dentist Rolling Hills Estates

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My family moved to Palos Verdes several months ago but I never got around to finding a local dentist. I finally checked insurance and got directed to Dr. nadi's (sp?) office. I have never had such friendsly treatment at a dental office! The place is modern-looking, and the technology is new, but the main plus of this office is the atmospjhere. These people like what they do and it shows. Dr. Nadi never rushed with me or my kids and that meant a lot tome. Insurance was explained as was the treatment I needed, and they worked out a payment plan for me. The office is in the Palos Verdes Mall (not too easy to find) but once you're there, its worth it. Dr. nadi and her staff are terrific!

Teresa F. from Yelp

Best dentist I've ever had! Dr. Elizabeth Klein has taken such great care of my teeth! Her and her staff are very calm patient and knowledgeable. No problems with my insurance or billing. I would and have highly recommend them! Thank you for fixing my smile Dr. Klein!

Curt R. from Yelp

The staff is SUPER friendly and works around my tough tour schedules. I just had one crown and four fillings replaced last night. Beth is the BEST dentist I have ever been too. I didn't feel the needle go in at all and woke up and am not in any pain. I am eating food today. My bill was extremely reasonable and they guarantee these fillings and crowns for life. What more do these people want lol. Thanks Betty and Beth and Diane :)

David R. from Yelp

I really like Dr. Nishikawa. He always takes the time to answer all the questions I throw at him and doesn't make me feel rushed. I try to schedule all my appointments with him because he doesn't talk to you like doctors do - he speaks to you as if you're his peer. He even introduced himself as "Dr. Daryn", not by his last name. He's handsome to boot haha. As far as the facility goes, it's nice and clean and the staff are always on top of things. You might wait a little bit, but that's so standard for California that it doesn't matter. The staff are nice enough - again, you're going to wait, but you'll wait anywhere. I'd recommend them :)

H. J. from Yelp

I think Dr. Nadi is wonderful. She is very thorough in explaining all the treatment needed. Your front office staff is always very polite. When I came with my son, Dr.Han and her assistant Manny was great. Keep up the good work! Roshani K.

Ted C. from Yelp

I came in today for my first root canal and the staff was really friendly. A visit to the dentist is never one of the things I like forward to but Crystal and Manny are so friendly and caring that they put me at ease. Dr. Smolkin was very professional too... It wasn't a bad trip to the dentist after all!

Sombo S. from Yelp

I changed to this dental office from one in Long Beach because I moved to the area. Seems there's a lot of problems with Dr. Sutherland. Yes, he is one of the owners. However, I saw Dr. Kline. My appointment was confirmed the Friday before (for a Tuesday appt). Dr. Kline is wonderful! After digital 'x-rays' and photos were taken, she came by to look at the pictures and make a thorough examination of not only my teeth but she also conducted a hands-on examination of my jaw bone and other facial and mouth muscles, ligaments, joints and structures as well. She said I can no cavities. However, adeep cleaning was recommended to me as well but it had already been recommended to me some time ago by my previous dentist, so I wasn't surprised. Because I have no insurance and will be paying cash, they contracted a much lower rate than the $500 spoken of by another Yelper. I had a broken filling in the back and they are doing a crown on that for a cash rate that actually beat that offered by my previous dentist. Not only that, because of the process they use, it will be done in one appointment instead of two as required by many dentists for crowns. That's important to me as it's very difficult for me to take time off work. Someone previously yelped that they were upset about not being able to receive silver fillings. If I had a choice, I would never put a silver filling in my mouth. They are the ones that gave me problems years later. They are cheap and may be proven to not be good for you. That's why insurance covers them 100 percent. I understand that I may be in the minority here as a reviewer in that I don't carry dental insurance and am able to pay cash. I could buy a dental plan on my own but find them cost prohibitive and a real pain in getting coverage for anything you want done. When you go into an office with no insurance and cash payment they are oftentimes willing to go above and beyond to make things work for you and your budget. I would highly recommend Dr. Kline at Peninsula Dental Arts. When working with Betty, the office manager that sits you down with your services plan and costs, it would benefit you to have done your research and know what the going rate is that is charged for comparable dental work either on a cash basis or through your insurance. You could always opt to leave with the treatment plan, do your reserach, and call later to book an appointment or for further discussion. As an additional note, my first appointment of full digital 'x-rays', pictures, exam and consultation with the dentist, and consultation and discussion with Betty about treatment, cost a total of $10! Be assured that Peninsula Dental Arts is much more a 'cutting-edge' and 'newer technology' kind of office. I, for one, am glad for that fact.

Astrid H. from Yelp

I found the personel at Peninsula Dental Arts to be professional and friendly. They were attentive to my emergencies. Dr. Beth Klein is very kind and and informative. Karina really knows her temporative crowns. Ashley is pleasant, attentive and friendly. Betty is knowledgeable and friendly.

Metamyst from Google +

This was quite an experience to have a crown restored in just one sitting. The last one I had done, they put in a temporary & it kept coming out & I'd lose it, making dental trips back very inconvenient. So I'm happy for the new procedure.

Kel G. from Google +


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